Newsletter Design Ideas for Inspiration

A beautiful email newsletter design can boost your return on investment (ROI) in email marketing. Basically, no subscriber wants to see an email newsletter design that only gives a message without any artistic quality. To get more people stay interested in what you send as email marketing campaigns, you need to be interesting and catchy.

An email newsletter design should stand out among others; since lots of internet users are already subscribed to more than a few newsletters. For that, a few ideas would help to inspire you and create an awesome email newsletter design.


Why do you send email marketing campaigns?

First thing to do while creating an email newsletter design is to categorize your campaigns. That is,  the design should change according to the purpose of an email marketing campaign.


Informational and Transactional Email Newsletter Designs

If an email is sent to the subscriber for giving a simple and short information or after a transaction s/he made on your web-site, then the design should be as basic as it could be. By this way, subscribers can manage through the email to find the necessary information or a link and get things done smoothly.


The newsletter on the left is a good example of how an informational email design should be. It is intriguing; because it uses the images of a show that the subscriber is apparently interested in. Also, it is short and simple; so it smoothly directs the subscriber to the web-page.

At this point, it is important to note that images are the best materials for designing such emails. Instead of long writings or lots of design work, selecting a right image for the right audience is the best design strategy. A work of design with color plays, stripes etc. would still be interesting if the colors and shapes are clear-cut and elegant; but images are better in the sense that they appeal to audience better in any way. Especially if you apply segmentation to your subscribers and send personalized campaigns, then choosing an image that will definitely attract the attention of the subscriber is much easier and effective.


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Newsletter Designs for Promotional and Sales Emails

This emails are why most people have subscribed to your newsletters. They basically expect something encouraging for making a purchase; so, the design should catch the reader and encourage them to at least visit your web-page for details.

One great mistake here is using too many vivid colors; which is now old-fashioned. Maybe in the 1990s using too  many contrasting colors was the language of sales; but today, the more fashionable the newsletter looks, the more catchy it gets.

Using the colors as complementary to each other, like creating a whole framework is the key for the main design. Accordingly, the images should comply with this color framework. Commonly, the choice for colors resembles the corporate identity of the sender. That is, the newsletter reminds of the company logo, web-page etc. at first sight. Just like the on the right.

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Lead Nurturing and Customer-Loyalty-Increasing Emails

Email marketing allows you to contact people who willingly provided you their contact information to be kept posted. That’s why it works to increase your customer loyalty more than any other marketing method.

Email marketing should not be used merely to send promotions or for the presentation of new products. With regular bulletins, you should build a corporate identity that will make your subscribers think how cool a company you are. For instance, don’t just sell them coffee, teach them how to make a great one! Like Starbucks do. They actually combine all three types email marketing campaigns at once and create the perfect newsletter.

email marketing templatesSuch emails also encourage other people to subscribe to your email marketing list; since the word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing sources. Your emails will be forwarded more than ever if they contain useful information and a promotion at the same time. It is a double win; both building a reputation for your company and generation a return at the same time.


Welcome and Good-bye Emails

Welcoming your new subscribers and letting other go is the most critical stage of your email marketing strategy. Even if people are willing to receive emails from you, they will certainly have a atrial with your newsletters and unsubscribe if they don’t like what you send to them as email marketing campaigns. Therefore, sending a really welcoming first newsletter is a great advantage on your side; which gives a huge credit to spend.


Both welcome and unsubscription emails should be simple in design and give a basic message. That is, that you love your subscribers. For example, a welcome message can offer a special deal or promotion as a welcoming gift. Welcome email newsletters should look wild. They should look excited, in essence. Using emojis at the subject line of your email is a good idea at this point. 


Good-bye (unsubscription) emails should be as sorry as it could be; since you don't want your subscribers to leave you. For this, you can use warm colors instead of too vivid ones to escape from being too sales-oriented. Also, sad animal images can be a good choice for image selection.


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