Not just a digital card; an email marketing platform at its core.

Never let an opportunity slip away!

Not just for in-person meetings, but also for online networking and virtual events.

Compatible with all modern smartphones, Apple and Android.

Ready to Scan

Place the top of your phone on the item you want to scan.


Activate your card's potential effortlessly with Tap or Scan QR code.

How it works?

Touch card comes with unlimited e-mail sending.

Access our e-mail marketing platform with a Touch card and forever unlimited free e-mail sending to up to 500 subscribers.

How Touch Card Works ?

1. Purchase & Activate

Order your Touch card and get started with an easy activation process.

2. Create & Customize

Build a compelling digital profile that showcases your unique brand and professional identity.

3. Tap, Exchange & Grow

Share your profile with just a tap, exchange contacts effortlessly, and watch your network grow.

Manage From One Dashboard

Manage all users with the management panel

One Digital Business Card Four Powerful Modes

Included with all cards. Switch between modes, depending on the situation. Meet up and share your contact details or switch to Lead Generation mode to receive contact details and send them straight to your CRM.

Business Card

Share your contact details and links to your website, all of your social channels.

Landing Page

Your own personal landing page, customizable with the teams package add-on.

Lead Generation

Send leads automatically to your CRM or any of the 3,000 connected apps.

Link to any URL

Send people straight to your website, download link, presentation or Calendly.

There's More

With our card, you can not only connect with contacts but also empower your business. Send bulk emails to potential clients, create custom forms to gather new leads, and automate your operations. Because in the business world, 'There's More'."

You can create an e-mail campaign for the contacts you collect with your card.

You can create complex automations to your contact lists.

You can create landing pages. It can even go directly to this page when we scan the card.

Forms can be created. You can reach new people. You can include more information for your contacts inside.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Save Money and Trees

By purchasing a Touch Card, you can prevent dozens of trees from being cut down and take the initiative to reduce your carbon footprint.


Touch Card



You have prevented carbon emissions



You prevented its cut



You have saved

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Smartphone with an NFC feature is compatible with Touch Card.

No, you only pay for the initial card itself.

Stay Tuned 👀

On your Dashboard, simply follow instructions.

Touch is fully regulated and ready to use with GDPR, KVKK and CASL.

Touch card lets you share information via its mobile app and the dashboard of your INBOX account.

Touch card lets you share information via its mobile app and the dashboard of your INBOX account.

INBOX usually ships your Touch NFC Card on the same day or the next day.