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Professional email marketing has never been easier

Send personalized, scripted, and effective email marketing campaigns! Use our developed infrastructure to get high inbox rates.

Starting from a simple welcome message to a complex set of customer-loyalty-increasing applications, you can automate many programs. As it is easier now to create, apply, and track new campaigns, you can focus on analyzing the results and get better for the future campaigns.


Advanced analytics to grow your business

Gain valuable insight into each campaign that you send using interactive reports.

Gain complete control over your campaigns with a quick and thorough overview of your campaigns’ progress. Track unique and total open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards, and unsubscribes, and hold all the aces with INBOX in email marketing.


Automate with API

Find out why international corporations prefer to work with INBOX API. Integrate everything easily. You can integrate INBOX into your software and systems with the API integration easily.


Your newsletter design is ready in minutes!

You don’t need agency support anymore with INBOXBrush. Our drag/drop based interface allows you to create newsletters within minutes, regardless of any coding skills. The visual editor provides hundreds of options and modules for you to get creative and see the best results.

Designed in consideration of people that have no coding skills, anybody can create engaging and original newsletters using our INBOXBrush tool.

You can take all your actions easily with a user-friendly interface, creating hundreds of authentic templates with unique elements for your newsletter design.


Flexible Payment Option (Pay Only When You Want)

INBOX does not tie you into long term contracts. You can pay only when you use it. We also offer package options, tailored, and optimized for your needs with regular “monthly subscriptions” and “pay as you send” credit packages.

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