A/B Split Testing

Increase loyalty and build deeper engagement by testing what kind of content your audience like the most. Set up free A/B split testing and find out.

Subject line A/B split test

A/B Split Test is a great way to make your campaigns and email marketing strategy perfect. Create two newsletters and change one variable like email subject, sender details to find out your user's favorite.

Sender A/B split test

The sender name helps subscribers recognize your brand; finding the variation that works is important for consistency and trust-building. Test out the sender name and email address to see which variation encourages the most open rates.

Content A/B split test

Content is the key. In INBOX, test variations of all aspects of your content including email subject, images, offers etc. In this way, you can get more valuable insights and increase open and click rates.

Automatically pick winning emails

Set the sample size and winning criteria and INBOX sends the winning email to the rest of your contact list automatically. You can also pick the winner manually.