The Best Practices for Newsletter Signup Designs

Newsletter signup forms are the best way to get new people to your email marketing database. That’s why they should be attractive and easy-to-access. A full web-page design or a pop-up, any newsletter signup form should first be visible to the visitor of your web-site and then persuade them to receive emails from you regularly.

Newsletter signup forms are a part of your email marketing campaigns; in fact, it is where the journey starts. With smartly designed newsletter signup forms, you can always keep your database expanding and reach to more potential customers.


Make it mobile-friendly

Since the smartphones have flourished, most of web-site traffics are generated via mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly newsletter design, most subscribers would be deterred from the start and probably wouldn’t bother themselves to fill out the form.

Responsive designs are the best solution to this. One thing to note here is that the displayed we-page for the signup form shouldn’t require to be scrolled down and up while being filled out.

Basically, any user will leave the page if the form is hard to fill out. So, you should work technically to make it easy-to-use at the first place.


Pop-ups are popular again

Most people still think that the time has passed for the pop-ups; since they irritate the users. Actually, pop-up culture has only been evolved to fit the user habits. Generally, any user wants to spend some time before they see something interrupting their work at a web-page. So, the classical usage of pop-ups (opening it together with the web-page) is obviously not a good idea.

However, popping-up a newsletter subscription form at the right time would actually work for the best. The time frame for the pop-up should depend on the web-page that a visitor is on. For instance, while pop-ups might not be a good idea for the home page altogether, it can be displayed within a few seconds if the visitor has spent a notable on the web-site and jumped into a certain page.

This is actually a matter of marketing scenario and should be established after an analysis of the visitor habits on your web-site. Cookies are essential at this point. 


One-column web-pages are trending

First of all, pop-ups and subscription pages are not alternative to each other. You should definitely use them both together. While the pop-ups are an aggressive marketing method, a stable web-page for newsletter signup forms are where you get already persuaded subscribers on board. Basically, a one column web-page for subscription should prioritize the newsletter subscription form and shouldn’t do a lot of marketing.

Let's look at the example below. It is simplistic, it offers something and easy-to-fill out. Although the design may change, it is important to keep it simple. Beyond anything, this will give a message to the user that they will not be dealing with your email marketing campaigns, just as they don't have hard time subscribing to it. 

One-column pages are easy to be responsive. They also look sharp on the screen; so you can actually get creative with the design.


Special deals and free offers make subscription attractive

Everybody loves free stuff, or personalized special deals. The digital world offers combining data collected from different channels to get better marketing results. Cookies collected from a visitor on a web-site allows you to pop-up a subscription form that offers a personalized deal according to the visitor’s interests. Just as the one does below, encoring subscription for offers is one of the best marketing strategies with the newsletter signup pop-ups.


Use easy subscription buttons with social media accounts

Integrating your web-site to prominent social media sites help you to generate more subscriptions. It also helps the users to fill-out forms with a single click.