Automate Your Customer Loyalty

with INBOX

Simple Automation

From a simple welcome message to a complex set of customer-loyalty-increasing applications, you can automate every message. Since now it is easier to create, apply and track new campaigns, you can focus on analyzing the results and get better for the next campaigns. Pre-built campaigns will save you time and effort.

Don’t Miss Out On Special Dates and Events

With INBOX’s advanced triggers, you can automate a sending for special occasions and dates. Send greetings for birthdays, holidays or many others. When uploading your lists, you can add as much information field as you want for your subscribers. Later, simply by selecting the criterion for a trigger, you can automate the whole process once and for all.

Send at The Very Best Time

You can set triggers for a perfectly-timed sending. Analyze the reports provided to you by INBOX and send e-mails to your clients for the best chance of opening.

Create Campaigns for Certain Actions

It is easy to track customer behavior with INBOX. Automatically change a subscriber’s list or place it to a new one after certain actions. You can transfer, unsubscribe, send another automated e-mail to any account after they take an action; or if they don’t. Instead of sending mass e-mails, personalizing your database will increase the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing strategy.

Track Your Subscribers on Your Web-site

By embedding a track code on your web-site (provided by INBOX), you can keep track of your subscribers and learn more about their interests by analyzing their actions on your web-site. Then, you can trigger automated campaigns in line with their interests which will increase your return on investment for your e-mail marketing campaign.

Abandoned Carts

You can encourage a sale by a follow-up email. If you have an e-commerce web-site, triggering messages for the items left in the shopping carts will lead to more finished sales.

Create Periodical Campaigns

You can automate campaigns on a periodical basis. This feature basically offers more time for you by minimizing the time spent on your marketing campaigns. Simply by automating your next campaigns, you can concentrate more on your strategy.

Add Web Forms to Your Web-site

INBOX will provide you an embedded web-form for your web-site through which you can add new subscribers to your database. Then, you can automate a welcome message. After all, every good story starts with a nice meeting…

Say a Warming Good Bye to Your Subscribers

It is sad to see someone go from your database; but there are ways to make it something to remember. INBOX’s creative tools help you create catchy e-mails that make your clients think again.

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