Tips For A Successful Email Marketing

     1. Correct usage of from field

Your receivers should think you are a real person, not a spammer. You can give this message to your receivers with from field. Like;

  • Will Carter, XYZ Corporation
  • XYZ Sales Department
  • Will Carter, XYZ Sales

If you want your email marketing email to be warm and personal without looking like spam, then you should pick a form field which your customers will understand, and stick with it.

     2. Use a provocative subject line

Totally the most important thing about email marketing email is that its success or failure is all about context. Your subject line should provoke your readers’ curiosity.

     3. Stay in contact with your subscribers

If your subscribers hear from you often, they can’t forget you. You can an autoresponder series for this, and you can win the hearts of customers for life with using an autoresponder series:

  • We like prime-number sequences, so three, five and seven days are good.
  • After that sequence, keep in touch at a slower rate, like every few days or every week.
  • Your unsubscribe rate should be between three to ten percent. If it’s more than this, the message of your email marketing email isn’t matching your market. (If it’s less, you may not be edgy enough.)
  • Want to squash refunds and returns? After people buy from you, send them a series of emails that show them how to use your product more effectively and give information about features of your products.
  • When people complain that they’ve missed a day or two from you, it’s a sign your content is good and that the spam filters are doing their job.
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