Subscriber Management

with INBOX

Easy Transfer of Contacts

You can easily upload your contacts into INBOX with copy/paste method, import from your Excel files including the unlimited numbers of custom fields. The system allows you to upload 1 million e-mail addresses in only 20 seconds.

Unlimited Numbers of Custom Fields

You can create unlimited numbers of custom fields for your subscribers in which you can insert any type of information about your contacts; such as birthday, interests and so forth. Then, you can set-up triggers according to these custom fields.

API Integration

INBOX offers API Integration which will enable you to manually or automatically refresh your contacts and transfer them from third-party applications or from your company servers. You can also manage your customer portfolio and subscribers over your own CRM technologies with INBOX API.

Segment Your Subscribers

Learn more about how your contacts reacted to your campaigns with INBOX Reports and track their actions. It is easy to create personalized campaigns with list segmentation that INBOX will automatically do when you trigger. You can group your contacts easily with the Segmentation system depending on their custom fields, location, interests and more. Maximize your marketing potential with list management features of INBOX.

Analyze Your Subscribers’ Performance

INBOX applies a grading system for your subscribers that is evaluated according to the actions of any particular subscriber. The system then categorizes these profiles per their scores and presents the interest graphics of individual profiles on graphics. These scores are refreshed after every campaign.

Best Open and Reading Times

You can see the best open and reading times of each and every subscriber on your list from their profiles.

All Newsletter History On a Single Screen

You can visit subscriber profiles too see all the newsletter sent to that profile.

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