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Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive, precise and easy-to-manage reports that save you time, support you in all fields and help you to make accurate business decisions.

Gain complete control of your campaigns with a quick and thorough overview of your campaigns’ progress. Track unique and total open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards and unsubscribes and hold all the email marketing aces.


API integration

Use our API through your favorite programming languages to create and manage your email campaigns and mailing lists programmatically.

The INBOX API gives developers access to the entire range of INBOX features via a standardized programmatic interface. By using INBOX’s API, you can do just about anything you can do on via the customer interface.


Drag & Drop newsletter design tool

Newsletter designs can be time consuming and challenging for most people. The INBOX drag-and-drop design tool, INBOXBrush, eliminates this problem. You can easily prepare your newsletter content with drag and drop based tools without any coding knowledge.

It is also possible to use designer-made e-mail templates that we offer you with INBOXBrush.


Send emails with custom domain (Sender ID)

INBOX provides sender id service offered by many e-mail marketing companies, free of charge. It is possible to make submissions according to your preference so that your identity information is displayed.

You can do this with the DNS settings we share for free.


Advanced bounce management

With the advanced bounce management mechanism, your lists stay up to date. Thanks to the bounce management system that works on each shipment, you can track the details such as which addresses are not reached and which are passive.

Thanks to bounce management, transactions are done automatically by INBOX and you do not have to manually deal with the passive pass-through process.


Flexible Payment Option (Pay Only When You Want)

INBOX does not keep you on long term contracts. You can only pay when you use it. Moreover, package options for every need are also offered. Whether you send unlimited submissions every month with regular “monthly subscriptions”, or take advantage of “pay as you send” credit packages.


GDPR and CASL Compliant Email Marketing Platform

The new general data protection regulation (EU GDPR) or CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) has a direct impact on marketing practices, including email marketing. With GDPR and CASL effective, all marketers concerned with GDPR and CASL need to change rapidly how they seek, obtain and save consent.

INBOX, as an Email Marketing actor, we support GDPR and CASL.


All in one produtcs

You can access 4 different products with a single account in INBOX. You can access campaign, transactional e-mails, e-mail verification service and newsletter design tool.

INBOX offers services for every need under a single account.

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