Advanced Reporting System

with INBOX

Get Better Every Time

What distinguishes email marketing from other marketing methods is its trackability. Unlike other methods, you can see how many people opened, clicked and showed interest to your messages and where, when and how they did it. INBOX offers detailed and advanced reports; so that you can get better for the next campaigns. You can analyze both your subscribers’ and your own performance.

Track Your Campaigns in Real Time

From the moment you send your email campaigns on INBOX, you can track them in real-time. All the details are provided by reports in the system instantly.

See What Happened on Interactive Graphs

You can set time frames to see your performance and ask INBOX to create interactive graphs for what happened. See how many people opened and clicked-through on your emails. By analyzing the length of reading times, you can create smart content for the next campaigns.


Your database gets smaller by nature. People may stop using their email addresses and their inboxes get full or the address that you have sent an email may not exist at all. So, you need to clear the dust out. INBOX reports which addresses bounced and clears your database on its own. It also sends you reports to notify why they bounced.


Spams and Unsubscribes

You subscribers may stop receiving emails from you. When they mark you as spam or unsubscribe, you will now who did it. You can automate the unsubscription process with INBOX Triggers and keep your database fresh any time.

Track click-through behaviors

You can categorize the subscribers by tracking and analyzing their click-through behaviors. It helps you create more personalized lists and campaigns. Also, you can track the image content in the e-mails and get reports with INBOX.

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