How to Use Inbox By Gmail

For a better email marketing, we promote the usage of smart applications that enable us to benefit from email marketing campaigns. Without doubt, Inbox by Gmail is one of the best applications that works to do just that. In this blog article, you will find how to use Inbox by Gmail to have more personalized campaigns in your inboxes.

What is Inbox by Gmail

A few years ago, Google presented its new email service Inbox by Gmail. It is basically a platform in which you can manage your emails. What differentiates it from the others and even from Gmail itself is its smart tools. Basically, it provides more space to categorize your emails. In a standard email service, you normally have an inbox, a junk box and other folders that you can create yourself and attain certain messages coming from certain email addresses to. This might be time consuming; since you may not be willing to exert effort for each and every email that comes to you. What Inbox by Gmail does is the combination of artificial intelligence with marketing and email, in general. The system automatically detects the category of an email when it is received; then places it under the fitting category.   For instance, when you make a purchase from an e-marketing web-site; your authorization email comes directly to “Purchase” section; while the bill of that purchases falls into “Finance”. Therefore, you won’t miss any email and there would be no mess in your regular inbox.  

What more features does Inbox by Gmail offer?

One of the most important features in Inbox by Gmail is that it enables the user to preview any email without needing to open it. So, you wouldn’t confront a malicious content and defect your computer in case you receive a virus or something of that kind. In addition, you would be able to keep the message “unread”; so, it would still remain as a reminder for you to read it later. Of course, you can do it later by marking it as unread; however, life is better when such details exist… Another nice feature is the reminders. If you are a regular email service user, this feature actually would help a lot to you. This is basically a calendar integrated into your email service panel which reminds you of almost everything. Inbox by Gmail also offers a unique feature for bringing a certain email on a certain preset time as if it has not been received before. Let’s say, you booked a flight and you don’t want to miss the first hours of check-in. You can use this feature to bring the email that the airline company sends you after your purchase; so that you could directly go to the check-in page when the date arrives. Lastly, you can create your own categories and still benefit from the artificial intelligence of the system. Inbox by Gmail categorizes the emails that comes to you according to your preferences and actions in time.  

How does it help email marketing?

As mentioned, a standard email service offers limited numbers of folder to which your emails are directed. If an email doesn’t seem reliable or from a sender that you haven’t been interested in so far; then your service most likely direct any email coming from that sender into a junk box or to promotions. Normally, most emails get lost or ignored in those boxes. Thanks to Inbox by Gmail, all your emails are categorized smartly. So, if you are in the mood for shopping cloths, you basically open that section on a sunday morning and don’t miss out on campaigns that targeted you.