API Integration

with INBOX

API Integration

You can integrate INBOX into your own CRM Technologies and third-party applications with API integration. Have total control of your email marketing campaigns in a single platform; or simply transfer data to INBOX.

Manage your contacts with API

You can manage your contacts on your dashboard with the API. INBOX allows you to create contact lists, update them automatically, move and add your subscribers to sub-lists and create new lists from your database. Add custom fields on subscriber profiles as much as you want and update automatically with API. Moreover, all the segmentation features offered by INBOX are easy to manage by API.

Manage your newsletter by API

With API Integration, you can create and delete newsletters, make updates easily. Transferring an already created newsletter from your web-site or CRM takes a minute. Then you can make changes and updates on a newsletter, save it for future use or archive.

Manage sending by API

You can carry out your campaigns on your own CRM or a third-party application by integrating INBOX to that platform. To gather all your digital operations on a single panel, INBOX offers all its features with API, as well.

Other Advanced Features

You can manage all other advanced features on your systems after a fast and simple integration with INBOX. This includes web forms, web-track, sending and receiving accounts, custom fields of subscribers and references.

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