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Everything has been purposefully organized to provide the features you like, right where you need them - without being overly complex.

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Transactional Email Platform

Ease of analysis with Realtime reports

Track every email that you send, from the beginning to end, and get your emails into inboxes without hesitating.

Transactional Email Platform

An understandable API

Our API is one of the most comprehensible APIs in the industry which is not too complicated and annoying.

Transactional Email Platform

Drag & Drop editor

The email has evolved a lot since its first emergence and its standards, as well. Though building and managing email templates are wearing and time-consuming. That’s why we came up with a comprehensible template builder for you.

Transactional Email Platform

Rich text email editor

Form simple text emails with the configuration capabilities of HTML. Add links, images, bullet points, and style text effortlessly.

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Get 1,000 free emails per month