Unlimited E-Mail Sending with INBOX

In this online world, it is very understandable that you want to be in constant communication with your customers. As INBOXby providing you unlimited email sending service, we strengthen the bridge between you and your customers.

Understanding your customers’ needings, giving them what they want rapidly and being visible in their inboxes are important for all brands. To meet these needs, INBOX offers its users unlimited email sending free of charge, regardless of which package they use, to keep them in touch all the time with their customers.

With INBOXBrush offered by INBOX, you may want to instantly share your e-mail contents prepared in an easy and fast way through the drag-and-drop logic with your users. You can inform your users about the latest developments, introduce them to your new products or send them transactional e-mails such as welcome e-mails, shopping results, or password reset. Considering your wish to transfer these emails to thousands of users, INBOX offers you this service free of charge.

People mostly check their e-mails in the morning hours, so you may want to send them a newsletter you prepared in the morning and check your feedback with the analysis tools provided by INBOX. According to these analyzes, you may want to offer your customers the campaigns you will make during the day. It means reaching so many users inbox, so unlimited email sending will be very advantageous in this perspective.

A / B testing is a big factor in the e-mail marketing industry in terms of improving your campaigns. Let’s say you have prepared two kinds of campaigns and you want to make safe and sound plans for the future by sending it to different user groups and analyzing the feedbacks. In this sense, INBOX allows its users to get one step ahead in customers’ inbox with analysis tools, practical drag-and-drop content preparation tools, and unlimited email sending service.

To summarize, the advantages of unlimited email sending service are;

  • Reaching your customers rapidly
  • Staying visible in the inbox
  • Informing users about the latest news instantly
  • Campaign management in an easy way
  • Feeling free about A/B Testing

Sign up to INBOX today for free and see all the advantages offered for you.

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