Why don't images download directly?

We will share some details about why the images in the emails you send have not been displayed directly.

Why do e-mail clients block images?

Some e-mail clients do not allow the direct upload of images in the e-mails you send. This feature is useful for users who have a slow internet connection or limited mobile data. In addition, in malicious e-mails, order to block the codes, which can harm your computer, many e-mail clients give uploading of the images over to your preference.

In what cases visuals are automatically loaded?

Adding the sender to the trusted list or disabling this security measure for all e-mail from the e-mail client's settings allows automatic upload of images in incoming e-mails.

“It is technically not possible to interfere to this situation in e-mails you sent with INBOX, as it is dependent on the receiver person's preference and the settings of the e-mail client to allow images to be uploaded.