Why did my e-mail not reach the receiver?

Sometimes emails you sent by INBOX may not reach the receivers. There are some common solutions to this issue. Your emails will then reach the receiver e-mail server.

If you are getting feedback from your subscribers that the newsletter you sent did not reach them, you should ask them the following questions:

- Check your Spam folder –

Tell your subscriber to check his/her spam, junk, or bulk folders in the email program your subscriber's using. If your email is in one of these folders, specify that they should add the sender email address to their trusted list.

- If the subscriber is a Gmail user –

Gmail brought a filtering feature some time ago. With this feature, Gmail servers automatically filter your email by looking at the newsletter content. You must specify that they should check these tabs as Primary - Promotions - Updates, as standard.  

- Contact with the ISP –

If your e-mail is not in your subscriber's spam, junk, or bulk folder, it may be that the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which they are receiving service, maybe blocking e-mails from INBOX. Say that to your subscriber they should receive support from his/her hosting service for the adding of INBOX IPs in the whitelist. INBOX never sends your e-mail over the same IP. As a result, we cannot know which IP is blocked by the receiving e-mail server.

After trying the above solutions, you can send your newsletter study back to your list.