Why can't we provide an Inbox Warranty?

Will my e-mail land in the spam?

It is against the nature of the job to guarantee that your shipments will not land in the spam. Because, the sender doesn't decide whether an e-mail will land in the spam folder or not, but the receiving e-mail server decides that. Therefore, no e-mail marketing company can guarantee that your e-mail will 100% fall in inbox. If so, a question mark should occur in your head.

We provide the necessary technical infrastructure to ensure the maximum chance of reaching the inboxes via sending your emails over certified IPs and eliminate this by 70%. The remaining 30% is related to your newsletter content, the quality of your contact list, and the security settings of the receiving e-mail server.

Avoid Doing This

One of the most important factors affecting your e-mail's chance of reaching to the inbox is the permission of the people on your list. Sending to the list without permission is prohibited by law and it is difficult to get technical efficiency. You will get more rate of reaching the inbox by sending your emails to approved people who know you.

Test Before The Sending

If your newsletter design is ready to send, test your spam score. By mail-tester.com you can find out your errors in the newsletter and your spam points for free. The mail-tester will give you an idea, but it would be wrong to designate this system as an authority. It is a system that will only be useful for you to see your errors.

Free Consulting

We provide free consulting to our customers as to whether their newsletters are suitable to send. When you inform us before you start to send your newsletter, if there are issues that may cause you to be stuck in spam filters, we will provide you with information about the correction and provide solutions for the maximum rate of reaching to the inbox. Remember, the more you make successful sending, the more efficiency you'll get from it.