Which plan you should choose?

As INBOX, we offer you a wide range of payment plans so that you do not pay more than you need. As you can see on our pricing page, there are 2 different payment methods; Monthly and Pay As You Go. There are two important factors in choosing your plan here; the first is your number of contacts, and the second is how many times you send e-mail to your contacts per month or year.

For example, you have 10.000 contacts, and you send email to them every week. Then you should choose our monthly 10.000 contacts + unlimited sending plan. In another scenario, you have 5.000 contacts again, but you only send emails to them once a year or maybe twice. Then you can choose our pay as you go 10.000 credit (1 credit = 1 email) plan.

Remember, there is a 30% discount on your annual package purchases. To see the pricing page, click here.

We wish you a spam-free day!