What is permitted marketing?

You may have seen this notion in many places, or you may have encountered on the INBOX pages. Permission marketing means that the data of the people you have contacted are obtained by legally permitted methods. Because you can communicate with the buyers one-to-one by email marketing, email marketing is also considered to be one of the allowed marketing types and the sendings which are out of this coverage create legal responsibility.

Permitted E-mail Addresses

  •          E-mail addresses of customers who have a commercial background with you.
  •          E-mail addresses of people who joined your database through opt-in forms on your website.
  •          E-mail addresses which are took from contacts by one-to-one communication (eg by phone or business card).

Email Addresses Without Permission

E-mail addresses in purchased, leased, or stolen lists.

  •          E-mail addresses which are not personal accounts as info @, webmaster @ etc.
  •          E-mail addresses in lists created by internet calls.
  •          E-mail addresses found in lists that are obtained from other companies / organizations that are in a familiar or similar relationship.
  •          E-mail addresses found in aggregated or generated lists by means of a software or application.

When starting e-mail marketing, a database should be created considering these criteria. Sending e-mails to lists without permission will create technical failures  as well as legal responsibility. Be sure, the campaign to be made to a list of only 1,000 people, will result in more successful results than a campaign to a unauthorized list of 100,000 people.

If you have problems with your list, feel free to contact us. If you think your list should be verified, you can start by reviewing INBOXVerify.