What are bounce addresses?

Bounce email addresses are e-mail addresses that you cannot reach temporarily or permanently for technical reasons. Although it may seem unnecessary that these addresses,which are not technically accessible, are found in your contact list, it is of great strategic and technical importance.

When using INBOX, bounce addresses are not included in your total individual number. Therefore, they do not use your usage rights. Thus bounce addresses don't cost you extra money financially or extort your rights. First of all we want you to know that.

Bounce addresses are included in your contact lists marked as bounce, so it is important to prevent them from being transferred by mistake or by deliberately into the system. In the event of such an attempt, INBOX automatically matches the addresses that are attempted to be transferred to the system with bounce addresses and prevents transmission. In this way, you don't send your e-mails to the addresses which are technically impossible to access and thus reduce your delivery success. Your reputation score is always kept  high.

INBOX combs out bounce addresses after your e-mailing or e-mail verification with INBOXVerify and automatically leaves sending e-mails to these addresses. Simultaneously, these addresses will be marked as ’Bounce’ in your contact lists and will decrease from your total number of individual contacts. This keeps your usage rights at the highest level.

If you have questions about these addresses for different reasons, you can contact us at [email protected].