Reporting and Analytics

Understanding your customers' behavior takes time. You have created a new campaign or a new newsletter and need to shape and develop them with customer feedback and comments.

However, you don't need to do this just by waiting for customer comments. By using analytics tools,  It will be very easy to shape your next mails by measuring the reaction of your customers to the mails you send.As INBOX, we simplified these analysis tools so that they are easier to understand.

After sending your mail, you can understand the reactions to your e-mails vividly. For example, you saw that the opening rate was low. Maybe your title just isn't interesting enough? A change can be the very first big step for you. 

By using INBOXs' analytics tools you can see, which of your emails are opened or clicked. You can see total soft and hard bounces and according to this rate, you can clear your list and make safer posts when you send your next email.

You can see how many people have unsubscribed and how many people have marked you as spam, and you can run into the future with more solid steps by developing your content accordingly.

Best of all, INBOX offers you all these analysis tools for free.

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Have an analyzed day!