Newsletter design tips

An important factor that will affect your success rate in e-mail marketing is the quality of your newsletter study. Don't forget that as you have an impeccable newsletter study so your inbox rate will increase. With this in mind, we share some tips for creating a better newsletter.


In 2003, an arrangement is brought to advertising e-mails by the law that introduced in the USA to protect users. These rules are;

  •          The content of the e-newsletter should be suitable with the content sent
  •          This should be stated if the content of the e-mail sent is advertising.
  •          Your address and location must be clearly indicated in the e-mail.
  •          It should be easy and free for users to leave their  list.
  •          The header or topic description of the e-mail you sent should not be misleading and informational.

These rules are essential for e-mail marketing. Besides, there are important points that you should be aware of, which will greatly affect your inbox rates. Please note the following to ensure that your newsletter is attached to spam filters at minimum level;

  •          Do not use the e-mail header consisted just upper case
  •          Do not use words such as "campaign",“ advertising ”, "promotion”, “iPhone" on the e-mail subject.
  •          Do not write "test" in the subject.
  •          Do not use special characters in the e-mail subject line. (!,, +,% etc.)
  •          Do not place an exclamation mark at the end of sentences. (!!!!)
  •          Don't use too many colors in your newsletter design.
  •          Do not use words that are perceived as spam in the newsletter content.
  •          No e-mail address in content.
  •          E-mail addresses shouldn't be used in the content.


In addition to the above information, the rate of landing to inbox is directly proportional to the quality of your contact list. Many criteria such as spam complaints, bounce rates, opening and click rates you have received in your e-mails affect your inbox rate. Continuous e-mail sending companies do this cleaning automatically over time, each of the sending is cleaner than the previous ones. Thus, inbox rates can reach serious levels over time. The INBOX system automatically cleans e-mail spam complaints and bounce addresses. In this way, your reputation is kept high.


We have listed the most common mistakes made when designing a newsletter. When we take care not to make these mistakes, it is quite high to get efficiency from e-mail marketing. Remember, as you create error-free newsletter designs so you get inbox rate and you get the maximum efficiency from your sending.

  •          The width of the design should not exceed 750px.
  •          You should never use images in important contents, titles and links.
  •          Avoid mixed table structure. Create a simple table draft as possible.
  •          Missing table tags or bad html structure filled with unnecessary tags lead to the e-mail being attached to spam filter. In particular, if you are using an HTML e-mail editor, make sure that the codes are written as regular and error free as possible
  •          You must call the image files that you use from your own server and give their links like
  •          You should not use JavaScript, ActiveX in HTML e-mail coding.
  •          Be sure to include your current contact information below the e-mail.
  •          Make sure that the e-mail seems smooth in version of without image by turning pictures off.
  •          Always fill out the alt ="" tags of the images you use in HTML.
  •          The original size of the images you have used must be the same as the size of your work.


Many companies only want to design and send image-only newsletters . They have their agency or their designers to design what they want to send and they are sending this design  directly by adding into the newsletter.

The biggest mistake made at this stage is to send the prepared works to the people on your list directly. Many e-mail servers prevent only-image newsletters for security reasons and not send them to the receiver. For this reason, this design should be divided into more than one part to make it suitable for newsletter sending with HTML coding and optimization support. You need to have an advanced level of HTML coding to make your image-only newsletter design suitable for newsletter sending. If you don't have anyone who has a advanced HTML knowledge in your constitution, you can get paid support for the most accurate e-mail marketing by getting the All Inclusive Agency Service from INBOX.