KVKK - Turkey

Protection of personal data is the discipline of real persons' data collected by certain institutions and organizations within the framework of certain laws. In this way, it is aimed to protect the rights and freedoms of the person.Basically, the Law on Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) aims to protect not the data of the person whose data is processed, but himself. The technical and legal measures in the Law on Protection of Personal Data aim to protect individuals from attacks that may be directed against the rights and freedoms of individuals if their data is processed and afterwards.

How does INBOX make KVKK compliance easier?

Under KVKK laws, personal data of citizens of Turkey must be hosted in Turkey. INBOX is a brand born in Turkey and already has an office in Turkey, so that the data you collected from Turkey is hosted by us in Turkey.

 Just like we did with GDPR, we have ready-made KVKK texts foryour e-mails that are fully compatible with KVKK.If you have other questions under the KVKK, you can contact us for a solution.

Have a legal day!