I am a newbie. What should I do?

Hello! Welcome to INBOX. We have listed below all the basics that you need to do in order to launch your e-mail campaigns. Keep in mind that you can do much more than just sending mass e-mails with INBOX. E-mail marketing is the marketing model with the highest investment return, and to achieve more, you can discover other features of INBOX through our website.

  •          First things first! You should define a “Sender Account” so that your recipients can see by whom the e-mails are sent.
  •          Now, you can transfer the lists you created with permission to your panel. Let’s create a new list on “my contact lists” page, select “add mass contacts” and transfer our data.

  • Now that you’re all set, you can prepare a campaign content (newsletter design) and start sending your e-mails. We recommend that you use INBOXBrush to create a mobile compatible newsletter only in a few minutes via drag & drop. You can access to INBOXBrush through the Create a Newsletter section of your panel. There are plenty of ready-to-use templates on INBOXBrush and they are categorized according to their relative sector. Feel free to choose a ready-to-use template and edit it or simply drag & drop the modules on INBOXBrush and create your ultimately perfect e-bulletin. Check out this link to see the template tutorials designed via INBOXBrush and click here to find out more detailed information about how to use it.
  • Now, you are all set to send your e-mails. After you complete your newsletter design, you can start your e-mail marketing adventure by simply clicking on “Create New Sending.”

We strongly recommend you take a look at our information center to discover other features of INBOX and more.