How to create a contacts list and import subscribers?

You will naturally want to send the campaign project you created on to your e-mail data, that is your audience. To perform this, you first need to create a contacts list on INBOX and transfer your subscribers to this very list. You can find how to do it step by step below.

Step 1 – Creating a Contacts List

Go to  my contacts / my contacts lists page on your INBOX account. Then, you can reach to create a list page by clicking on the button on the second screenshot.

Create a name for your new list on the create a list page and choose the permission policy. If your audience is Turkey-based, then you can choose GDPR (KVKK for Turkey). If not, you can choose the best option for your audience and then proceed.

Step 2 - Transferring Subscribers

Now that you’ve created your list, it is time to transfer your subscribers. You can transfer your subscribers individually or all together under the operations menu in the blink of an eye.

Now, your list and your subscribers in it are ready. You can send your campaigns to this e-mail list.