Email domain limits

For minimum problem and maximum deliverability in e-mail marketing, need to pay attention to some technical details. One of them is the limit of the corporate email address that you can have in your panel.

Why do we execute limit?

Although it may seems good to have great numbers of corporate e-mail addresses from a company, but actually it may be an important problem for you. The reason for this limit is to avoid significant technical problems that you may have a trouble unawares.

When hundreds of e-mails in same content are simultaneously get at the e-mail server of an enterprise company , the receiving server will detect this as a threat and block your e-mails. This will leave bad reflections on your e-mail marketing.

What Would It Be If We Do Not Execute Limit?

If you continue to do email marketing for a large number of email addresses from an organization, your emails won't reach the receivers. However, this may soon afterwards cause to the receiver servers to blacklist you.

Being put in the blacklist affects not only your email addresses but also your entire reach capacity. So much so that you can have problems even your own internal correspondence.

What's the solution?

A company with many e-mail addresses has a common e-mail pool. For example, let's talk over the pool[atsign] You can only forward your newsletter to this e-mail address. The receiver can make distribute in itself to other employees through this e-mail address.