About your subscriber lists

I'm sending my emails to different lists. Can I work with the different lists every month? Why can't I checklist deletions?

Under permitted email marketing rules, all the addresses in the lists which you send emails must be obtained by permitted ways. However, even if it is like this, still there should be an important and convincing reason for deleting the list by permitted marketing rules. Maintaining a campaign by regularly changing lists in monthly packages or free accounts is not one of these reasons.

It is not recommended that doing email marketing by sending emails to the different lists regularly; however, if you need to do so due to special circumstances, you can do email marketing by purchasing annual packages, provided that you work with permitted lists. There is no subscriber limit in annual packages.

If you want to remove one, some, or all of the lists from your panel, you must create a request to our technical team for this matter. You can do this by sending an e-mail to [email protected].