agency service

Would you like to increase your sales with e-mail marketing without dealing with any details?

We prepare the newsletter design you want with our expert team and send the content you want to share with your subscribers whenever you want.

  • Newsletter design suitable for your corporate identity
  • Choosing the right plan for your needs
  • Delivery to the right people at the right time
  • Email marketing automation setup
  • Subscription form integration
  • Continuous technical support & reporting

-IP Service

You can request a dedicated IP (private IP) from INBOX, which is allocated only for your use. One of the advantages of using dedicated IP is that you are not affected by spam submissions made by different users with shared IPs.

You can make secure sendings with a dedicated IP dedicated for your use only

$225 / Annualy - Buy Now

Warm-Up Service
For reaching the inbox!

The subscribers of the brand, newsletter templates, and delivery speed are examined. Then, if there is a problem that needs to be fixed, we fix them.

If deemed necessary, infrastructure and IP Pool specific to the organization are allocated without sharing.

This process , warm-up, is necessary at the very beginning. In the whole process, if the model we designed is complied with, the brand can deliver its e-mails at the desired speed in a short time with at least a 96% inbox reaching rate.

This requires a special consulting process. Before bidding, a minimum of 30 minutes interview is required.

Software development
for your business

In some cases, you may need custom software support to make your e-mail marketing activities more effective.

For example, a web interface for your subscribers to customize their e-mail preferences, integration of your CRM software with INBOX, or similar special situations that need to be developed just for you.

INBOX software team can support you in such integrations. If you are looking for a service in this direction, we can call you as soon as possible to discuss the details.


You can find our answers to the frequently asked questions below.

There are package options for every need in INBOX. If you send regularly every month, you can choose subscription-based plans. However, if you intend to send only a few times a year, sending-based plans will be more suitable.

You can use a money order or credit card method for your purchases.

INBOX does not keep you bound by long-term contracts. You can only pay for the months you will use it.

INBOX is an easy-to-use web-based structure. Our plans include self-service usage prices. If you do not want to deal with any technical details, if you want your newsletter to be designed by INBOX, you can get a special offer from us.

If you have a subscriber list that does not exceed 500 people, we offer you unlimited sending every month on INBOX. Free accounts also do not have a time limit.

We follow all the regulations in order to make suitable and authorized sending to all your customers around the world and send a fully compliant mailer to Europe, GDPR, or Canada within the scope of CASL or in accordance with the KVKK (Turkey), or America, CAN SPAM Act, regulation in a single account. You can easily segment your contact lists by region and send them in the legislation appropriate for the region.

Simply answer is NO. We designed our product to manage your own brands with a single account. It is not a model like a partnership/white-label/reseller where you can provide your email marketing service over INBOX to your customers.