Get notified about important message events as they happen with Webhooks

Use webhooks to notify users about email delivery issues, or find out when a customer opens an important email.

Modular webhooks for detailed control

Thanks to INBOXNotify’s webhooks, you application will be notified for fundamental message events like bounces, deliveries, opens, clicks or spam complaints. Every notification request contains a JSON object with information about the event.

You can control which message event is sent to your webhook URLs. You are able to add 10 different URLs and secure them with http Auth.

Bounce Webhook

Remind your users to update their email address when an email you send them bounces

Delivery Webhook

Have a check if your welcome message or invoice reached your customer or not

Spam Compliant Webhook

Be notified and make a move when a user marks you as SPAM

Open Tracking Webhook

Find out who is not interested in your emails

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