Unparalleled insight into each and every single email and recipient.

If a customer can’t find their email, you need detailed insight into when it was accepted by the mail server and opened by the recipient. If the email address bounced or the inbox was full, you’ll know.

Full content message history is available to access for 45 days

INBOXNotify provides a searchable activity log of all the transactional mails that covers the last 45 days. You can browse by delivery events, tags, or date. Also, you can display the emails or the activity log for emails sent to a specific email address. If you need more than 45 days, our emails API allows you to backup as much as you want.

Get comprehensive insights easily

While you have the ability to track bounce, delivery, open and click rates detailed enough to see who opened/clicked which link; you can also use INBOXNotify’s web hooks to create notifications on your app so that you will exactly know what’s going on with each email you send.

Advanced reports and analytics

The level of details that INBOXNotify tracks within the system enables you to take proactive actions on improving the open rates or decrease the bounce rates. Enjoy getting better feedbacks and increasing your success with every email you send.

Detailed information on every single email, its recipients, and message events

In addition to storing the full content of your emails, INBOXNotify also records when the receiving mail server accepted the email, whether there were any errors with recipients, and with open tracking enabled, when the email was read, by who, and from what email client and location.

Access to each recipient’s message and delivery history

Need to research the history of a specific email address? Maybe it’s bouncing? Maybe there are soft bounces like a full inbox? Maybe it’s a simple typo? INBOXNotify organizes all of the history and activity for each email address so you can get the full story with minimal effort.

High level reports and analytics for proactive improvements

INBOXNotify tracks an incredible amount of granular detail, but sometimes, it helps to see the high-level trends so you can work on improving open rates for your welcome emails or decrease bounces across the board. Send better emails with lessons learned from your INBOXNotify dashboards.

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