How to add and verify your sending domain

In order to send emails with INBOXNotify using your own domain, you first need to verify and authenticate it.

How to add and verify a sending domain

Please note that you need to have access to the domain’s DNS records so you can complete the following steps.

1. Navigate to Domains in the top navigation bar.

2. Click on Add domain.

3- Enter your domain name and click Add domain.

4- Next, you will see the 3 DNS records you should add to the domain’s DNS page:

  • SPF: Sends the mail server IP validation. 
  • DKIM: Like SPF, but uses cryptographic methods for validation. 

You can click on each field value to automatically copy it.

5- Head to the sending domain’s DNS page on the hosting provider’s site and add the respective TXT records.

6- After adding the records, toggle the option I have added the DNS records and click Verify domain. Once the records have been propagated, your domain will be verified and ready to use.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the records to propagate, but in most cases, the process will just take a few minutes.