DNS Settings – Hostinger

1- Head to Hostinger and log in to your account.

2- Navigate to Domains, select the domain you wish to authenticate, and click on DNS zone.

How to add the SPF record

1- Under the TXT (Text) section, edit the current SPF record or add a new record if you don’t have any yet.

2- In the Host field, enter: @

3- In the TXT Value box, enter: v=spf1 include:spf.useinbox.net ~all

For an existing SPF record, simply add include:_spf.useinbox.net in the same record to merge them, since there cannot be more than 1 SPF record in a DNS zone.

5- Click save.

How to add the DKIM record

1- Under the TXT (Text) section, click Add New +

2- In the Name field, enter genel._domainkey (without your domain)

3- In the Value field, paste the unique DKIM value that is given to you in your INBOXNotify account

4- Click Add and select TXT as the Type again.

5- In the Name box, paste the Name field ._domainkey (don’t include your domain)

6- In the TXT Value box, paste the Value text that is given to you in your INBOXNotify account

7- Click Save