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Email Delivery

Email Delivery

You don’t spend your time in your email inbox waiting for every other newsletter to come, right? However when it comes to password reset emails that is exactly what you do. So it is, for your customers!

Have any idea of your email speed?

Why let minor tasks create a burden on your support team? Like password resets, account confirmations, license keys and any other transactional emails… It’s crucial that they are in your customers’ inbox immediately after they request so your reputation stays well and your support team will take care of the real cases instead of these smaller ones.

Our system deliver your emails instantly

Our aim for delivery time is 0-10s

Great delivery is a must, not an extra

As a company all about email, it is our first and foremost duty to deliver our customers’ emails, so we never charge extra for improved delivery. Each and every one of our customers deserves good quality service. It is included in the deal.

Looking for dedicated IPs?

Having well-supervised set of shared IPs provide the highest reputation. And it is essential for deliverability as it is the main metric ISPs use to decide on the delivery status. However, when it comes to high volume sendings, dedicated IPs can be more beneficial. At INBOXNotify, after deciding on using dedicated IPs for your sendings, we take care of the warming up of the IPs so that the reputation will start growing and promise a high deliverability rate.

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