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Transactional Email Platform

All the latest features are developed to help you to send transactional emails easier and sleeker.

Emails that get delivered

You don’t spend your time in your email inbox waiting for every single newsletter to come, right? However, when it comes to password reset emails, that is precisely what you do. So it is, for your customers’ sake!

Build something better

Easier email API

Integrate with our feature-rich mail/send API. Easy to set up with the documentation.

Powerful infrastructure

Drag & Drop editor, flexible email API, webhooks, and much more

Dynamic email templates

Time is valuable for you. Discover our rich email template library.

Advanced analytics

View your email activity in real-time to acquire insights and make adjustments when required.

Useful interface

100% responsive control panel. You can access your account from everywhere.

Quick support

Search for solutions or contact our support team.

Main features

The best at transactional email as all we do is just email. As a result of this, INBOX’s IP reputations are reasonably high and that means that we conform with ISPs well.


Speed is the core focal point of INBOXNotify. Even a 30-second delay to Hotmail addresses may give us sleepless nights.


The level of detail that INBOXNotify tracks within the system enables you to take visionary steps on enhancing the open rates.

Email API

Our customer libraries enable you to integrate with our email API quickly. Browse libraries for every popular language such as, PHP, Node.js, .Net, Ruby, Java, and many more.


Thanks to INBOXNotify’s webhooks, your application will be notified for essential message events like bounces, deliveries, opens, clicks, or spam complaints.

Create email template

The email has developed a lot since its first emergence. And its standards have changed as well. But forming and managing email templates is tiring and time-consuming. That’s why we got your back on this.

Drag & Drop builder

Our drag & drop email editor entrusts you to build professionally-designed transactional emails.

Rich-Text editor

Create basic text emails with the formatting capabilities of HTML. Add links, images, bullet points, and style text with ease.

Track the results

View your email activity in real-time to acquire insights and make adjustments when required. The activity feed includes advanced search and multiple filter capabilities so that you can find emails or recipients quickly.

Real-Time activity

Examine your activity feed to troubleshoot sending and understand the behavior of your recipients.

Advanced analytics

Access a wide range of statistics to learn how to improve email deliverability and engagement rates.

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