Package Upgrade And Downgrade In INBOX


Firms’ needs may vary periodically or seasonally. For example, an e-commerce company may need an upgraded package during the campaign period. Or let’s say maybe you cleaned your contacts list and the upgraded package is no longer useful. With INBOX, you have the advantage to downgrade your package. As INBOX, we act in line with the needs of the companies and we offer you the opportunity to easily upgrade or downgrade between packages. Let’s see why important transitions between packages are important and how you can do this.

INBOX Gives You What You Need



Your needs are important to us and we do not want to abuse it. Let’s say you are a new brand and you start with a 1000-contacts data list. In the following months, your business got bigger and bigger and your data list started to expand. Even if you have made an annual agreement with INBOX, you can easily upgrade the scope of your package just by contacting us.

In another scenario, you delete a great amount of your contact list. That’s why you no longer need a package that can keep a large number of contacts. If you send an e-mail to our support email that you want to downgrade your package, your transaction will be completed in a short time. With INBOX you will be able to have a package in line with your needs.

How Can I Find The Perfect Package?

package upgrade downgrade


The biggest factor in determining the perfect package for you is the number of people you add to your list and how many e-mails you will send to your contacts per month. In this case, the most suitable choice for you will be our 20,000 credit package with unlimited shipping. In another example, let’s say you still have a list of 20,000 people, but you only want to send them only once. Then INBOX offers you the “pay as you go” payment system. With this option, you are given the right to send an e-mail with 20,000 credits. You can use these 20,000 credits immediately or whenever you want during the year.

In summary, you will have the opportunity to act within the scope of your needs throughout your cooperation with INBOX.


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