How To Use The Power Of Imagery Properly

     1. Using Background image and live text

Some brands want to put copy before an image, and they default on embedding text in images for this. If you use live text and background images in your newsletter design, you can make that happen while keeping your emails accessible.

Using background images in your newsletter design provides you can put live text on top of the background images and ensure more design flexibility while keeping the content accessibility. Also, your text is still visible, even if your readers have images disabled,

     2. Apply styled alt text

When an image doesn’t show, ALT text in your newsletter design displays. If the images of your newsletter design don’t display or one of your readers uses a screen reader, your content is still accessible by the ALT text.

     3. Using CTA

Marketers need to understand the importance of getting people to be in interaction with their email marketing campaign. That’s the reason why the call-to-action (CTA) is vital. You should never make your call-to-actions images, image blocking is the reason. You can use bulletproof buttons to create buttons with code instead of images. If you only use HTML and CSS, the button displays in all newsletter designs even your reader disabled the images. That’s why we call them bulletproof.

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