How to Refresh Your Newsletter Design

Here are some     ways to refresh your email marketing newsletter design:

You should buff up your brand

You should ensure your brand logo and message are presented consistently in your newsletter designs and across all media and that your products, services, and employees live up to that brand promise. Check your newsletter design to see if you are adding your brand’s logo in all your newsletter designs. If not, add it.

You should polish your newsletter design

You should put a fresh, critical eye on your newsletter design. Is it looking like professional and inviting? Does it make you want to read it? Ask yourself these questions about your design, and make adjustments that needed:

  • Are your newsletter design’s colors and fonts matching your website, signage and print materials?
  • Would more photos, graphics or white space make your newsletter design more visually attractive?
  • Are you using universal and straightforward fonts which are easy to read in your newsletter design?


Refresh your content

You should think beyond the message that you want to convey to your clients with your newsletter design, instead focus on what your clients want to read more about from you.

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