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Informing your customers about your new products and services, attracting customers’ attention, and meeting their needs is very important for brand image. With INBOXBrush create a newsletter very fast, easy, and free for your users.

What is INBOXBrush?

newsletter design tool INBOXBrush

INBOXBrush is an easy-to-use drag and drops based design tool, developed by INBOX for you to create beautiful, effective, and free newsletter designs. It incorporates prepared formats for various business areas, several modules, and an enormous photograph library for any unique events and business segment. It additionally offers a serious photo editor and permits you to store boundless quantities of templates and pictures. Let’s find out how easy designing a newsletter with INBOXBrush is!

Quality Newsletters with Ready Template

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Design is very important to the online world. People will also be curious about the content of a design that they like at first sight. That’s why your newsletter must be charming and effective. INBOXBrush allows you to instantly create a newsletter you need and present it to your customers with effective templates that are constantly kept up to date, with different designs. Ready templates are available to all INBOX users completely free of charge, no matter which package they use. Well, you chose your perfect template for your newsletter, now what’s next?

Your Newsletter Ready In Minutes

INBOXBrush is completely designed to create you a comfort and freedom zone. You can easily reflect your design ideas on the template for the perfect newsletter in your mind without requiring any technical or software knowledge.

You can transfer any pictures or photos you want from your computer to your chosen template. You can write your articles in the format you want and place them anywhere on the template. With the use of drag-and-drop, you can instantly create your dream design. You can also integrate the files and links you prepared for your newsletter or your video and presentation content into your template.

Add your social media accounts to your newsletter, directing the user to the address when the icon is clicked. If you know HTML coding and have a special design prepared, you can easily add it to your template.

free newsletter design inboxbrush


Your Work Is Safe With INBOXBrush
















INBOXBrush avoids possible data loss by automatically recording your work in every operation you make on your newsletter. If you forget to save, don’t worry. INBOXBrush has definitely recorded your work.

Besides, you have the option to go back to the previous step in an erroneous transaction. In this way, we lighten your workload and enable you to make unique newsletter designs with an easy-to-use design tool.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

mobile friendly design

Considering mobile phones as the medium where e-mails are mostly checked, the newsletters you send must be mobile-friendly. All messages sent with INBOXBrush are created automatically mobile-friendly. You can instantly send mobile-friendly newsletters to your users without any HTML coding knowledge.


   In summary, INBOXBrush has been specially created to connect you with your users and keep in constant contact with them. This is The New Standard In Newsletter Design.

Sign up to INBOX today for free and see all the advantages offered for you.




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