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Organizing an event with your audience will both increase their loyalty to the brand, allows you to get to know your audience better, and helps your audience get to know you and your brand better. INBOX has prepared the INBOXEvents platform for you to announce, analyze, and manage your events more easily and professionally. So what does INBOXEvents do for you? What are the advantages and services of INBOXEvents for the events you prepared?

Everything you need for an event

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When you create an event, naturally you want to make sure it reaches all your subscribers and that your subscribers understand the content thoroughly. Just add your events and leave the rest to INBOXEvents. It will announce your events to your subscribers and will provide them with any information regarding it. After sending the necessary information to your subscribers, it will be their turn for feedback. You will be able to access all the analyzes about your events, such as who the event has reached, who will, or will not participate, via INBOXEvents. Thanks to these analyzes, you will be able to make your next events more customer-oriented and thus make it more interesting.

What does INBOXEvents provide you?

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You have added your contact list and prepared your event, what about later? You can now create a website where you can promote your online or onsite events in specific categories via INBOXEvents. INBOXEvents send your event to all users, allows users to add the events to their calendar. It does the most detailed user analysis for you and keeps track of who will attend the event. It creates a list of people who will attend the event so that you can easily see how many people attended the event. Since this list is kept up-to-date, you can instantly see who subsequently abandoned. You can also add your social media addresses or website to these activities.

And finally, you can find sponsors for your event with INBOXEvents. People can see your events on the INBOXEvents panel and they can send you sponsorships for events that attract their attention.


In summary, INBOXEvents has been specially created for you to be the voice of your brand.

Sign up to INBOX today and see all the advantages offered for you!

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