What is the Email Verify and Why Should You Do

In all mailing lists, there are e-mail addresses that are technically unavaible; incorrect, missing, misspelled, no longer used or never existed. The presence of these addresses in the database and making delivery to these addresses will undoubtedly affect the quality of delivery. E-mail verification is done in order to check the validity and accuracy of the e-mail addresses and also for eliminate these bad effects. In a sense, e-mail verification means cleaning the list.

Deliveries to lists which include lots of technically inaccessible e-mail addresses (bounce mail) significantly reduce overall delivery quality. When such a delivery is made, access to a greater number of addresses is blocked. That is, if the number of bounce is too high, this kind of a delivery can even put the domain in the sending address into the blacklist of the servers. As a result, there is a situation that will affect even the intercorporate correspondence

Should each list be validated?

All lists need email verification, except those that have been emailed for a long time and are continuously cleaned. Frankly, no list is clean!

When doing frequent and regular email marketing, you should pay attantion to work with an expert and multi-featured platform. For example, with INBOX, the system automatically detects and clears bounce addresses after each delivery; therefore, the list that you use when you are making sending frequently and regularly will always remain clean.

If you cannot decide to verify email

For example, you are a user who has been using email marketing for a long time and is convinced that their data is allowed. It may sounds like you don’t need to email verify in sight; however, if you have not previously tested your list for e-mail verification, you can never be sure what to do.

This free mailing list analysis is now available on INBOX. The INBOX panel automatically initiates a free analysis after each list transfer and tells you whether your list needs email verify. In this way, you will either have the e-mail verification and you will not need to make bigger expenses in the future; or making extra charges for email verification.

How reliable are the results of email verification?

The results of this process will, of course, vary according to the platform which the process is performed. At the end of the process with INBOXVerify, up to 98% of the list cleaning is guaranteed. With automatic cleaning following your sendings, INBOX keeps your lists clean and effective from the beginning.

How can I analyze my list for free?

You can start as a member of INBOX right now. After you have created your free account here, you can purchase the package that suits your needs and upload your list and the free analysis will begin automatically.

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