What is Bounce Email?

Email bounce connotes non-delivery of your email. When this connotes, the sender will get an automatic notice of the faulty delivery. This failure arises from the receiver’s mail server for a number of reasons.

Bounce messages are giving you significant report to help you determine the reason for the faulty delivery. This contains the following:

  • The time and date the bounce
  • The mail server which bounced the delivery
  • The RFC code and cause for the bounce (vis-à-vis to the RFC, hard bounces are described by a 5XX code and soft bounces by a 4XX code. Barely, not all ISPs obey to that code constantly, thus there could be exemptions to this rule)

Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce

A hard bounce happens when the message has been perennially get rejected, because:

  • The email address is  void
  • The email addresses ain’t in existence

A soft bounce signifies that the address was veridic and the email arrived the receiver’s mail server. But, it bounced back cause of:

  • The mailbox was not empty (the user is outrun their quota)
  • The server was broken down
  • The email was too large for the receiver’s inbox

If you sends your campaigns to a list that includes raised high number of bounces reduces your reputation. This besides reduces your deliverability in your ensuing email marketing campaigns. This means, you deliver to fewer number of inboxes.

INBOX determines all the bouncing addresses after your campaigns and halts sending to them automatically.

Decreasing Your Bounces

Ensure well list hygiene: Purify your list routinely of void emails and nonresponders. Clean lists will help you to success higher email delivery rates. You can examine and administer bounce lists through INBOX platform.

Use dual opt-in: You should send a approval email when someone subscribe your list. With this way, you can be sure that validity of user’s email and they want to receive your emails.

Track your email delivery: With steady tracking, you can catch possible faults before they happen or before they do too much harm.      

INBOX offers you to analyze your list for free and this analyze shows you that if your list needs verify or not. If your list needs verification then use INBOXVerify tool! INBOXVerify offers you 98% Clean Lists. INBOXVerify offers good features with verify your list. Check out INBOXVerify tool and verify your lists easly and get good results for your email marketing campaigns!

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