Does your list need verification, or not?

 After creating email list, that is not only thing what should have you done. To pursue interaction rates and deliverability, you should ensure you have always clean lists.

Is your email list clean? Answer of this question is not as simple as you may think.

The purpose of  email lists is to send related knowledge to actual people that have asked to get emails from you. If people subscribe to get your emails, then they apparently plan opening your emails, is that right?      

Regretly, this is not always right. Maybe, you are missing things which are affectional for the health of your email lists and damaging your interaction rates.            

How you know that if you need list verify

Many of marketers focalise their efforts on acquisition as many persons to subscribe for their list as possible. This is sensible for attain to as many contacts as possible.

But, it is not a good think-so to think just in terms of sheer list accretion. I guess, you don’t want an email list that is full of contacts that don’t have relevance in your products. This only means wasting your time, and probably you are hurting your sender reputation.

To ensure to send emails to contacts that really want to take them, watch out the following:

Interaction rates: If your open and click rates are low, maybe your list includes bad contacts. You can analyze your email list with INBOXVerify tool and with this you can learn the situation of your list.

Complaint rates:  If you have spam complaints and unsubscribes then you don’t have a clean email list. These mean that your subscribers are not contented with your emails or they aren’t interested in your emails.

Deliverability: Poor email deliverability is probably effect of a bad email list because it indicates that your list has a lot of  hard bounces or you’ve had low interaction with your emails that has down your sender reputation.

If you analyze your list with INBOXVerify, you can learn how many bounces it has.

If you have issues like the above, then you need verify your list. Glance to INBOXVerify tool to verify your lists easily and improve success of your email marketing campaigns.

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