4 Best Practices to Keep Your Email List Clean

1.Should not purchase email lists

Purchased lists will augment number of  your subscribers quickly, but it can be a trouble afterwards!

Also buying an email list is a act that against spam laws in many countries.

Sending emails to contacts who don’t want receive emails from your company causes poor  interaction rates and spam complaints, and these spam complaints have bad affects for your sender reputation.

2.Sustain Regular Contact

Being in touch with your subscribers is one of the effective ways of preserve the health of your list. Occasional emailing may take subscribers by surprise. This may causes to increase the possibility that your messages will be blocked and reported as spam by persons that forgot that they subscribed to your email list.

To start your relationship with new members of your email list, adjust a welcome email with marketing automation. 

After that, ensure that send emails at least once a month to hold your brand fresh in the minds of your subscribers.

3.Segment Contacts Based on Past İnteraction

Don’t think that every contacts respond to same campaign strategy. You should conform your campaigns to various group’s choices.

INBOX’s advanced reporting system allows you to see details of your email sendings. This details are usable for improve relationship with contacts.

You can create special messaging for two groups that are active contacts and low-interaction contacts.

Active contacts mostly open your emails and interaction with the content of them.

  • Send specific contents, special discounts, giveaways and other promotions to them.
  • Benefit from their effect  in reference campaigns for lead other persons to your site.
  • Want back indication from active subscribers of your context to see if they have advices for improvement.

Low-interaction contacts seldom open your emails, but you can still send emails to them.

  • You can use new contents for gain back interest of low-interaction contacts.
  • Get back indication on what can you improve.

4.Remove Bounces

Sending messages to bounce addresses is not the thing that any marketers wants to do. When you send an email to your subscriber and the deliver has been failed  it’s named “bounce”.

At INBOX, you can easily find how many bounces has your list.

Now you know some good ways to keep clean your list, but still you have analyse and verify your email list, you can use the INBOXVerify tool for these. After that you can conveniently continue to your sends.

Make a fresh start with verify your email list with INBOXVerify and send your campaigns with a high reputation.

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