Email Marketing Solution

INBOX: Email Marketing Solution

You may have been looking for an email marketing solution to meet your demands. When there are tons of service providers, it is hard to choose which one is the best service and also cost-effective.

If you want to compare INBOX to others, it would be better for you to know us better in making a decision. Here at INBOX, we value development. It is not only creating a stable and user-friendly system and try to sell it to as much costumer as possible. With a start-up ideology in mind all the time, we seek to develop ourselves and our products constantly. So, you always see a positive change along with your usage. This is why we call ourselves an “email marketing solution” rather than simply an email marketing system, company, platform or etc.

What differs INBOX from others is that it tries to combine all the necessary and available tools related to email marketing in a single platform, working smoothly, in a user-friendly interface and with a competitive pricing.

Everything with a high quality comes with a price; however, since we create and develop our own infrastructure and system, we have the control over all the dynamics. Therefore, we don’t face extra costs to third-parties for structural services; and this brings lower prices for high-quality services. Combined with the dedication we have for an all-inclusive email marketing service INBOX stands one step further than others.

Dedication for Anti-Spam

Spammers are the nightmares of email marketing services. In order to prevent spam sending from their platforms, all companies apply different sets of precautions both technically and strategically. At INBOX, the most unique thing we do is to apply a free analysis for any list uploaded to the system, in order to have an estimated rate of bounce addresses. If this estimated rate is above a certain criteria, then the user is blocked from using INBOX Services without email verification. This helps us keep our IP reputations high and offer up to 99% deliverability to all our users.

Ain compliance with the anti-spam rules and regulations, INBOX develops artificial intelligence and integrate it to different tools of its services to detect any suspicious sending. So, basically no spam emails are sent via INBOX almost never.

Happy users, happy company ?

This is the motto. If you have happy customers, then you have happy staff and a happy company. This is why we try to keep our customers happy all the time, no matter they have free accounts or they are the highest-paying customer. Everybody is treated the same way by our professional and expert team members.

You can reach to INBOX by email at [email protected] 7/24 and get a response in minutes.

Also, INBOX offers all its services (excluding API) for free to all its users up to 500 subscribers and 5.000 emails per month. So, you can always start by a free account and try to see if INBOX is a good fit for you.