Advanced Features

You will love INBOX's Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Use INBOX’s advanced e-track system, best sending time feature and dynamic XML-based newsletter creation tool.

XML Support

Create dynamic newsletters with XML. You can work on the newsletters created on different platforms by simply integrating it into the panel. This will save you time from creating newsletters every day.

XML integration offers you to convert any content you have published on your web-site or prepared on another platform to a newsletter in INBOX. It saves you time from creating a whole new newsletter.

Whenever your content changes, the newsletter is automatically updated with XML integration.

Track Your Visitors

With e-track feature, you can track your visitors actions. INBOX provides detailed after-campaign reports, as well as a chance to keep real-time track over emails sent from the system. By analyzing the receivers’ actions, you can manually or automatically segment your lists and increase personalization in your campaigns.

Automate Customized Sendings

Let’s increase the open and click-through rates!

The open and reading times for you e-mails may vary for each and every subscriber. You can analyze the best sending times on INBOX and customize your sendings for the best results in your campaigns.

Auto Responder

Automate date or action-based messages. You can automate messages for any action taken by the receiver or on a particular time according to your needs.

To meet your subscribers’ needs and to maximize your company-client relationship, use INBOX Triggers to automate messages upon certain actions; such as special events and dates, changes in subscriber preferences and abandoned shopping carts.

Web Forms

Embed customized web forms to your web-site. You can collect new subscribers to your database by embedding a web form on your web-site for easy subscription.

Pre-Built Campaigns

Pre-built campaigns save you time and effort. You can create campaigns for future sending and automate it on a periodical basis or for a certain date. Check INBOX Triggers for details.

Brand Management

Manage multiple brands on a single panel. You can create different lists in which you can add different or copied email addresses and designate different responders for each of them. Therefore, you can manage different brands, web-sites and such on a single panel.

Bounce Management

Keep track of your campaign results and learn more about your lists. A well-operating system provides you with the information of hard and soft bounces and cleans your database on its own for saving you time and maximizing the results of your efforts. The system reports you all these actions in detail; so, you won’t miss anything.

Soft bounce: The emails that could not be delivered to the inboxes of the destination addresses due to overload of the server

Hard bounce: The emails that could not be delivered to the destination addresses if the address is not in use


Categorize your subscribers according to different parameters.

You can create unlimited numbers of lists and sub-lists or your database by applying a variety of parameters both the system offers and that you can create by custom spaces in profiles. Simply select a criterion from the segmentation panel and the system will automatically attain the matching addresses to the lists.

Later, you can receive detailed reports for each list and better allocate the profiles after analyzation.

INBOX offers you the best maximization for your campaigns.


In your after-campaign reports, you can see the opening location of your e-mails on a map and track click-throughs. Also, the system lets you print the information provided in the map on a table.

The information provided in the map is free of error thanks to Exact Coordinates feature.

Sender Reputation System

The system scores your performance after each campaign. According to the deliverability and the tracked subscriber actions, you are evaluated over 100 which provides you with an opportunity to see where you have done wrong.

E-mail marketing is a method that is easy to make mistakes. The sender reputation feature enables you to see that mistake.

Spam Management

INBOX provides you the subscriber info who marked you as spam. To prevent any decrease in the deliverability rate, the system automatically reallocates these addresses to black lists and does not send e-mail to them anymore.

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