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We want to tell you a story...

Hello, we are very glad that you want to meet us.
We are very happy that you want to listen to our story,
meet our team and learn about our values on this road
we set out to learn your stories.

Our Story

We took our first step in Turkey in 2011. It was a difficult process, maybe that is why we understand better the value of our time and your imaginations. It took about 3 years to form the infrastructure of INBOX. These 3 years, 3 engineers worked literally day and night, and at the end of these 3 years, there is now a brand that has its own software. At the end of our first year, we had about 50 customers, not bad but not enough. You know what happened then? We continued with an average of 300% growth every year. In 2016, we decided to open up to the world and we found ourselves in New York in line with this goal, that sparkling, fun and dream-fulfilling magic should have contributed to us, so Alicia Keys said in her song, right?; Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. It is certain that New York has contributed something to us, but we decided to open our office in Canada. A little cold but okay. As a result, INBOX has over 15.000 users from 25 different countries as of now. As of 2019, the amount of daily leave e-mail sending is just over 5 million.

Imagine, Share, Apply

We know how valuable ideas are and we know that every person has a unique imagination and talent. We are all in different places, we have different ideas, talents and lifestyles, but when we come together, we are like Power Rangers. Here thoughts do not stay in theory, they are developed and put into practice.

Easy and Up-to-Date

Today, everything is very fast and constantly changing and we keep ourselves up to date according to this change and offer our services accordingly. We serve you with current technologies, designs and softwares and we simplify it. We always say, if you know how to use keyboard and mouse, then you can already use INBOX. Our Prominent Features:
  • API Integration
  • Email Verification
  • Subscriber Management
  • Detailed Campaign
  • Reports
  • Drag Drop Newsletter Design
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