6 Newsletter Design Tips For Designing Visually Attractive Newsletters

Many companies trust to email newsletter to creat relationship with customers and be in their mind. A well-structured newsletter design is a strong email tool with several profits, that is why it is vital to make sure that your newsletter design is visually attractive. If it seems good, subscribers are most probably to click.

  1. Header

Your newsletter design needs a header undoubtedly. It’s same like a newspaper or website name. It should be located at the upmost of your newsletter design and contain the newsletter title, your firm name and logo.

  1. Use color scheme that compatible with your logo

Logo is part of the header therefore your newsletter design also needs a color scheme. Think about using its colors along your newsletter as font colors, borders and maybe other elements. Consequently, your logo’s colors also should be the color palette to your whole branding.

  1. Use Standart Fonts

Legibility is the the top priority while you are selecting the font of your newsletter design. Use basic fonts for example Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial. Don’t use various different fonts in one newsletter design. Because when you do that the newsletter becomes messy.

  1. Subheadings

Your newsletter design should have various diversified pieces of content that are split up by subheadings. It should seem like a newspaper. You should use one of the clear fonts that you select for the subheading.

  1. Content

When you use a newsletter template by an email service provider like INBOX, then you can contain content easily. You should stack your content for a layout which seems good to your subscribers and scrolls easily on mobile devices.

  1. Pictures

A newsletter should have a good balance of text and images to be well-designed. When receiver opens your email, images catch his or her attention in an instant. You can pull in your subscriber and increase expressiveness of your message at the same time by adding several pictures.

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